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What is Mollyhouse?

We are a new literary journal seeking to explore the world from the outside looking in.

What are we looking for?

Poetry. A few occasional gasps of prose. NO REPRINTS.

Open to all topics and themes but we are not interested in reading work by white hearing able-bodied heterosexual cisgender men.

Poetry: Free verse. Formal poetry. Prose poems. Lyric poetry. Narratives. In-between. Anything but haikus or oddly-formatted poems (due to ebook formatting limitations).

Fiction: Literary. Or stand-alone excerpts from a novel in progress. Up to 5K words. No translations.

Creative Nonfiction: Lyrical essays. Or stand-alone excerpts from a memoir in progress. Up to 5K words. No translations.

Mollyhouse will be available as a free ebook via Smashwords and Apple Books.
As this will be an internationally free publication with no budget for advertising, marketing, or Submittable (so no reading fees either!), we unfortunately don’t have the funds to pay anyone. All writers will retain copyright to their own work. Please acknowledge Mollyhouse if you reprint your work elsewhere.

Raymond Luczak is the editor.

How should you submit your work?

Prepare no more than five poems or a prose piece (5K words max) in a single Word file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf). Place your name and email address on top. No haikus or oddly-formatted poems (due to ebook formatting limitations). Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. NO REPRINTS (your work cannot have appeared previously on Facebook, blogs, etc.).

State in your cover letter whether you identify as:

- D/deaf and/or disabled
- LGBTQ+ (or queer)
- Female or nonbinary
- African-American, LatinX, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, or Arab-American
- Indigenous (or Native American)

International writers working in English are also welcome.

If you've appeared in the most recent issue of Mollyhouse, please wait for the next reading period to submit your work. (Thanks!)

Include a short bio in the third person (100 words max) in the body of your email. Add your social media handle(s) or web site URL at the end in brackets. [Like this!]

Specify in the subject field of your email whether it’s POETRY, FICTION, or NONFICTION, and add your last name after that, as in POETRY Jones.

Send your work to mollyhouselit _at_ gmail _dot_ com during the month of October only.

Response times should not be any longer than four weeks after close of each reading period.

Previously, we had two issues coming out in the June/July and January/February timeframes; due to the extreme demands on the editor's time, we're changing over to once a year, and the new issue will appear in the January/February timeframe. All contributors will be considered for Pushcart Prize nominations.

Where can you download a free copy of Mollyhouse?

The best place to find the first issue is right here on Smashwords. It has all the major ebook formats that you can download for your preferred ereader.

For those who prefer to read on their favorite Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you should be able to search for "Mollyhouse" in the Apple Bookstore. (As of this writing, it hasn't appeared there yet, but I will add a direct link here once it does.)

If you'd like to read the latest issue on your Kindle, there's an unfortunate problem. Apparently, Amazon does not allow publishers to offer free ebooks, so please go to Smashwords and download your .mobi file. If you don't know how to add a non-Amazon ebook to your Kindle reader, please check out this link.

Follow us on social media:

Twitter: @mollyhouse15

If you've purchased a Squares & Rebels (or Handtype Press) title in the past, we remain most grateful.

Thank you for considering Mollyhouse.

Our list so far ...

Better Davis and Other Stories
written by Philip Dean Walker

We Are Not Your Metaphor: A Disability Poetry Anthology
edited by Zoeglossia Fellows

Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman
edited by Raymond Luczak

That Was Something: A Novel
written by Dan Callahan

London Skin & Bones: The Finsbury Park Stories
written by Ian Young

It's Just Nerves: Notes on a Disability
written by Kelly Davio

At Danceteria and Other Stories
written by Philip Dean Walker

The Kiss of Walt Whitman Still on My Lips

written by Raymond Luczak

QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology

edited by Raymond Luczak

Lincoln Avenue: Chicago Stories
written by Gregg Shapiro

When We Become Weavers:
Queer Female Poets on the Midwestern Experience

edited by Kate Lynn Hibbard

Queer & Celtic:
On the Irish LGBT Experience

edited by Wesley J. Koster

Among the Leaves:
Queer Male Poets on the Midwestern Experience

edited by Raymond Luczak

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